Best Eyeliner?

Best Eyeliner?

Gel eyeliner is a cosmetic product that can be used to define or enhance the eyes, helping you create any eye shape you desire. An eyeliner that does not contain parabens or other preservatives, especially one that is a liquid or gel formula, would be a very volatile home for microscopic bacteria and not something you would ever want to put on your face (for the record, germy old makeup products CAN actually be irritating to your skin).

I have to put it on quick, and then go over it with another liner because this one just doesn’t work, and using my other one for all of my eyeliner doesn’t work, either, so i have to go over my eyeliner with it. This product is frustrating, and i wouldn’t buy it pencil eyeliner in india

It requires using a special eyeliner brush (an element we did not test for, though we have a couple recommendations in the Our picks section), and that brush needs to be loaded up with product, and then wiped down or washed after your eyeliner is applied.

After reading what benefit suggests to ensure that the tip is nice and clean and this spew of eyeliner doesn’t happen I have decided that this product is too high maintenance for me and that I will be sticking with traditional pencils and gels with brushes.

Another thing you can do is to use the MAC 208 slant eyeliner brush, stroke it on the tip of your favorite longlasting pencil eyeliner (mine is Urban Decay Perversion) to saturate the brush tip with color and stroke it across your lids cat eye style and then use the same 208 brush and dip it into a similar colored dry shadow ( I like NYX matte blk) and go over the line you already created for a powdered setting effect.

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