Best Golf GPS Watch And HandHelds 2017

Best Golf GPS Watch And HandHelds 2017

There was a time when golf GPS systems were thick, bulky pieces of machinery which were difficult for even the most technologically advanced golfer to operate. Unlike the oversized devices of the past, many of today’s golf GPS systems are affordable, easy to use, and incredibly compact There are many handheld options available, but they can be a little bit inconvenient, which is why many people choose a watch model.

Another wearable analyser, Game Golf is brimming with professional endorsements with Lee Westwood, Graeme McDowell and some bloke called Barack Obama all using it. If that wasn’t enough, GameGolf even boasts design by Yves Behar, the creative director of Jawbone.

I formerly used a laser rangefinder and sometimes I miss its ability to measure the distance to the pin within a yard or so; however, I must admit that I and the guys I play with really can’t target our approach shots within a yard or two of the pin, so the front/center/back of the green distances revealed by the watch are quite sufficient for club-selection purposes.Best golf GPS watch Reviews 2017

If are you looking for golf GPS watch that offers more features, perhaps you’d like an activity GPS watch that you can still take to the golf course to track your yardage and monitor your scores and track your heart rate at the same timeā€¦ then this might be the watch for you!

The watch is capable of keeping track of a lot of your golf stats including: your score, the amount of putts you have taken, how far you shot the ball and what hole you are on. This watch also has some nice things built into it like the ability to keep track of your score and the ability to keep track of the amount of steps that you have taken when you were roaming around the course.

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