Best Novelty Helmets

Best Novelty Helmets

DOT certified helmets are for the motorcycle, skooter and ATV rider who values their heads.Novelty helmets are for the riders who want to add a difference or theme to their riding. I still have my first helmet it’s just about as small as one of those novelty helmets but still has the DOT sticker imprinted On the back I’m sure it does not provIDE near the protection of current helmets but I see them kinda regular at swap meets and flee markets.

Unlike the DOT system, where the product is not subject to third-party testing prior to sale, the ECE system required batch sampling when production begins, American Safety helmets for bikers submission of up to 50 sample helmets/visors to a designated laboratory working for the government that uses the ECE standards under the United Nations agreement and verification of quality control during on-going production.

As a part of its Settlement Agreement and Consent Order with NHTSA, Advanced Carbon Composites has agreed to implement a remedy program by which Advanced Carbon Composites is providing notice to, and obtaining helmets from, owners and purchasers, and Advanced Carbon Composites will refund an owner or purchaser for the purchase price of the helmet.

With a plethora of novelty helmets out there, it is super important to ensure that the half helmet you do decide upon meets DOT standards, though don’t waste your time looking for one that comes Snell or ECE approved… as they are yet to exist (and in all likelihood never will).

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