FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush Review

FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush Review

All humans are beautiful whether they are men or women, they must have hair at birth, but the type of hair that grows is certainly not all the same, everyone has different hair types. Whether it is straight, wavy, curly, even branching, everyone has different hair. Humans are born with straight hair, but due to the hormones in the head of the affected environment or heredity could have had straight hair will grow into curls. Curly hair is a type that not everyone likes her because maybe someone who has curly or wavy hair may lack confidence and disrupt the way of appearance, especially if that happens to a woman and of course hair is a crown that must be considered. Although hair is a crown for women, not a few women who have curly hair want straight hair so he could. Various attempts to straighten hair may have done a lot better care of the salon in the form rebounding, smoking even vise. But keep in mind that hair care as it can damage the health of the hair in the future. Sure, the hair initially after rebounding, smoothing vise even this can be straight in a short time but the damage to the hair will adversely affect his future. How to reduce it? The answer is simple; you need to try FemJolie Straightening Brush and here is the review you should know.


It comes with exclusive technology that will allow you to get anti static and frizz styling for getting a shiny and natural look but it is still straight as you wish. It also has LCD digital display that will let you know the current temperature, and when you feel that it is too hot, you can reduce the temperature. When it is in danger, the Gem Jolie Straightening Brush will suddenly shut off automatically to avoid danger. If you think that electric is always bad for hair, then you are wrong. This Femjolie brush has been used by many people and they have rated almost 5 out of 5 starts for the safety and the result quality.

Way to use

  • Make sure that your hair is dry and it has been no mess so you have to comb first before using the brush. Do not ever try to use the brush when your hair is still wet and messy because it can worsen the damage and you may need more treatment when it has come to mess of your hair because you are misguided in using straightening hair brush
  • Plug into the current socket and make sure that it has been on the socket and make sure that your electricity is stable so there will be little possibility of electric danger
  • Press the button of power for 3 second and it will be turn on
  • Adjust the temperature to get your heat setting; it does not happen in other straightening hair brush because the temperature can only be set in this kind of brush and not in flat irons that may have more dangers than Femjolie straightening brush.




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