Flo Motorsports Pink Rotating Mx Style Foot Pegs Custom Harley Davidson Dyna

Flo Motorsports Pink Rotating Mx Style Foot Pegs Custom Harley Davidson Dyna

Foot pegs are possibly the most over looked parts on a bike but one of the most important parts. I’ve done alot of reserch on these pegs before I bought a set because they are a little more money and here is why. Other than this- these Pegs look Great and are of High quality and recieved good comments from fellow riders. And the spikes on the pegs keep the kids foot in place with reduced time loss in a corner from a slip of the outside foot (then the rider slides off back of seat).

Flo Motorsports products are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, including the Arizona desert. Foot pegs are all-too-frequently one of the most overlooked components of a bike today, which is why at Flo Motorsports, we’re here to change your opinion on shopping for pegs.

A. The rounded edge of the Flo Motorsports foot peg cleats provide good grip without tearing up your boot soles. Only minor Issue was one peg hangs slighty low and not level due to slightly less material on stopper than original Pegs. Our Harley Davidson Shifter Pegs can be rotated a full 360-degrees to any angle, provide pitch adjustment hardware, and come with replaceable stainless steel teeth.Flo Motorsports pegs

When was the last time you rode your Harley Davidson and thought to yourself: I wish I had more control over the direction of this bike?” That’s not an uncommon thought, as all too many riders today overlook the importance of their foot pegs and the amount of control they provide Harley Davidson owners.

Unlike most other shifter peg products on the market today, these Harley Davidson shifter pegs have pitch adjustment hardware that allows the rider to change the angle of the shifter to their preferred riding position. Flo Motorsports new Pro Series Foot Pegs for the CRF250L feature a much larger platform to stand on, as well replaceable stainless Steel Teeth, both of which help provide much more stability and grip than the OEM pegs.

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