Forward, Real Word Canadian Marijuana Domain.

Forward, Real Word Canadian Marijuana Domain.

The legal cannabis and CBD markets have a number of unique characteristics that make a premium domain name especially important for new businesses in this niche. Owning these Domain and Brand names will be very valuable as the trend towards legal marijuana moves forward. So I think a lot of the trends that apply to tobacco and alcohol are going to be really important for advertisers in the new industry to keep in mind when they are marketing cannabis use and selling marijuana.

So, I have found an entrepreneur who has placed a bet on legal marijuana domain names and built a fledgling business around it. We are going to learn what he has done, how he has done it, and how you might want to do the same in your state. With a well-optimized marijuana website, there should be no need to leave the house.

The recent sale of for $4.2 Million attests to the importance of marijuana as medicine and its growing popularity worldwide. Based on what I have seen in forums and private email offerings, marijuana-related domain names is not really a new trend. Since marijuana is now legal for medicinal use in Canada, many patients can look to the internet to buy their medicine from such domain names.marijuana domain

A good domain — even an expensive one — is a bargain if you know how to use it. A good, well-designed website can save a business thousands of dollars in advertising and promotion. Golden Tech Media already has strong relationships with the owners of various cannabis related websites and domain owners, they will help you get connected to help expand your marketing and sales efforts.

Original domains, especially sensible, actual word domain names are available in diminishing supply. We are talking about non-medicinal marijuana or – I don’t know what you call it – pleasure marijuana. He’s been busy purchasing more than 1,000 different domain names in hopes that the upcoming vote for California’s Proposition 19 ballot initiative will lead the growth of a huge Internet-driven marijuana market.

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