Mama June Regrets Her Weight Loss Surgery

Mama June Regrets Her Weight Loss Surgery

It happened in front of a slew of cameras, to a woman who was – if nothing else – torn about what she was doing. Healthy lifestyle interventions that are necessary for losing and maintaining weight after bariatric surgery include eating a high protein, whole foods, reduced calorie diet, strength training, maintaining an active lifestyle, and getting plenty of sleep.

mama june weight loss before and after Unable to lose the weight on his own and turning to surgery for help, the 48-year-old Liles has managed to keep the weight off for nearly a decade now and looks thinner than ever with a clean bill of health and a newly discovered confidence that has boosted his sex appeal!

Back in August, 2016 (as originally reported on below), Mama June was denied surgery to remove her excess skin that remained after extreme weight loss because she hadn’t lost enough weight (even after losing 150 pounds in one year) to become a candidate.

But it wasn’t until she appeared on the show The Doctors in early 2015 that June realized she needed to make a lifestyle change Although June was there because the doctors wanted to help her obese, asthmatic daughter Alana, Dr. Travis Stork said it wasn’t going to be entirely up to Alana to improve her own health.

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