Pokemon Nature

Pokemon Nature

When a Pokemon is caught or hatched, it is assigned a nature which cannot be changed. If the stat name has a slight tint of Red to it, it boosts that stat and if it has a hint of Blue, it hinders that stat. Neutral Natures are natures that have no effect on any stat whatsoever – increasing no stat and and decreasing no stat – thus the name of Neutral Nature. From Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver onwards, the raised stat will have a faint red outline on your Pokemon’s status screen, while the lowered stat will be on the blue side. A few Natures appear in the Best Pokemon Nature Mystery Dungeon series , whenever the player finishes their personality test. For example, if the Pokemon is a powerhouse with physical moves, you’ll probably want an Attack-boosting Nature such as Adamant.

This can be used to make your Pokemon very strong in a very short amount of time but this virus is very rare to come by in the wild. And lastly, Pokemon with Speed Increase Natures enjoy Sweet Berries, Poffins and PokeBlocks, they are best in Cute Contests and prefer moves of the same category to help dominate them, and Mago Berry cures them of confusion. Usually it matches what stats the Pokemon have naturally, so high attackers may see a difference of upwards of 50pts between beneficial attack nature and a neutral, but only 20 or 30 for its defense, sp attack etc. I am not very into contests and such, but I know you can make use of it if you want to. As mentioned previously in this video, to build upon the knowledge of natures: I recommend you to check out the video covering ‘Physical VS Special Pokemon’. The natures that do modify stats always increase one of the base values at the cost of decreasing another.

These natures include Timid (+Speed, -Attack), Hasty (+Speed, -Defense), Jolly (+Speed, -Special Attack), and Naive (+Speed, -Special Defense). Some Pokemon can have a bad nature, if it has an important stat decreased and a dump stat increased. The table below lists each of the 25 Natures with the Base Stats they increase and decrease. Admittedly those pokemon do not need their Def or SpD stat that much or are expected to be hit more on the other spectrum, so they are still safe. Unless you are a math genius, don’t bother trying to manipulate it. It is present in Generations III and IV, and slightly different in Emerald and Generation V. Natures are double-edged swords; any nature that is not neutral will decrease one stat by ten percent, while increasing another stat by ten percent.

For example – a Pokemon of Hasty nature will like Sweet berries (Speed is raised) and dislike Sour berries (Defense lowered). As a casual player it never bothered me. It’s the stupid Pokemon contests and movies that drive me up the wall. For instance i want to build a trick room team, the most important thing is for all pokemon to have the lowest speed possible. For the most part, stick with any of the 3 above natures before considering Lax. They usually need this boost because their Defense is already sufficient enough to hold off Pokemon. If the male Pokemon has the Hidden Ability, there is a small chance that the offspring will also carry it. Manaphy has a base stat of 100 in every stat so it seems balanced and easy to demonstrate the change in natures. Shiny Pokémon have appeared in the anime, including (but not limited to) the aforementioned red Gyarados and a Noctowl that protagonist Ash Ketchum captures and is then featured throughout several seasons.

Type: Steel, Fairy Skill: Threatens attackers by jingling its keys at them; hides from attackers Of all the weird Pokemon on this list, Klefki really takes the cake. The real goal is to min-max your Pokemon correctly, but it can sometimes be a real bitch doing so. This is another method you can use to level up and make your Pokemon stronger, faster.

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