SEO For Lawyers

SEO For Lawyers

In our comprehensive guide to on-page law firm SEO below, we explain all the essential considerations involved in optimising your site to get it ranking for relevant Google searches. For that reason, LawLytics has long advocated for attorneys taking the time to educate themselves about how Google works, and what search engine optimization really is. To that end, we offer the public a library of on-demand legal marketing webinars that go into great detail on a number of relevant topics.

Without a solid background in the law and an understanding of how to write about the various types of practices in a way that works with both search engines and potential clients, there are a very limited number of things a non-attorney marketing person can do for a law firm that both moves the needle and does not run afoul of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

If your specialist area is corporate law and most of your business is in the area of intellectual property then make sure that Google and your visitors know that; don’t give real estate law equal prominence if it doesn’t contribute as much to your business.

Local link acquisition – if you obtain thousands of links from websites located in other countries, there is a high chance that not only will you not rank well in local search (e.g. Google My Business, formerly Google Places or Google+ Local), but there is a good chance of your rankings being penalised.

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