Shop Heat Guns

Shop Heat Guns

If you tend to do your own household repairs or like engaging in a lot of DIY projects, then it would be worth considering getting yourself a heat gun reviews. An infrared heat gun doesn’t give you the same colorful graphic printout of an entire side of your house, but since you can buy an infrared heat gun for $50 or less, you can at least get the same useful information as you’d get from a full energy audit, admitedly without the pretty printout, but also without the expense of the audit, which often costs $250 or more.

You can add caulking around the edges of window frames; replace cracked or missing putty from old-style windows with fresh putty, and paint it to keep it from cracking too; make sure there are no obstructions preventing windows from closing properly.

The use of the heat gun can be a fickle, sometimes frustrating, sometimes fantastic thing to grow accustomed to. At my Encaustic workshops, I always introduce its use by stating it is not only the device with which to warm our substrates and fuse our layers of Encaustic, but also my favourite brush, but herein lies the rub: this brush, to loosely quote Dirty Harry, can blow your wax clean off!

If you are planning on using your heat gun for a lot of jobs, for example, shrinking tubing or plastic wrap, this is a great option as it provides the widest range in temperature control as well as the airflow, it’s also a really good option for construction or industrial jobs.

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