Speaking Of White Coat Syndrome

Speaking Of White Coat Syndrome

One of my clients at the moment (I have permission to post this) is having a tough time of it and suffers badly from white coat syndrome. It is very rare to find someone who enjoys visiting the doctor; However a crippling fear and extreme resistance with physiological symptoms like escalate BP and slight rise in temperature are characteristic sign of what is termed as White Coat Syndrome”; the term can be broadened to include fear of blood or fear of needles.

I would estimate three-fourths of my patients will say either their blood pressure is high, or higher than normal, because of what they think is white coat hypertension.” But what they might not realize is that even if it is higher in the office than at home, it can put them at risk for heart disease.

Moreover, the same study showed that, even people who are using antihypertensive drugs and have normal blood pressure at home, may exhibit white coat hypertension, which makes it difficult for the doctor to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.white coat syndrome

Research conducted by Ohio State University found that a group of retired racing greyhounds did experience higher than normal blood pressures when they were taken inside a veterinary hospital as opposed to their home ( Ohio State University ). The study also concluded that the blood pressures were still lower at home even when taken by a veterinary student ( Ohio State University ).

The major finding of this study with a mean follow-up time of 10.6 years was that the sex- and age-standardized incidence rate of cardiovascular events in 334 participants with untreated white-coat hypertension ( Figure ) was no greater than in the untreated normotensive control population (P=0.38).

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